Wanda Lee



As a socially engaged artist, Wanda uses public speaking and activism as instruments to bring awareness about topics that affect our society and our everyday lives. Wanda’s art speaks about autism and mental health, the main goal of this expression is to develop a human connection between our mind, our physical world, and our surroundings.

Wanda’s inspiration comes from every aspect of life, from every breath, from every hearth beat, from a nature-connected place to an urban jungle, the connection is with the earth and is reflected in each of Wanda’s steps. Such inspirations are reflected in many activities, including Walks, forest bathing, drum circles, reiki, meditations, community art projects, pop-up art, film, storytelling, painting, dance, and more. Mindfulness, compassion, empathy, and love are the connecting dots in each of Wanda’s activities.

Wanda believes that each of us is a form of art, that together, creates a beautiful universe.