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“Minds with Motions” is a program we’ve developed and designed to incorporate mindfulness meditation, dance, music, movement, body awareness, rhythmic percussion instruments and visual arts. This provides opportunity for families and friends to engage with each other as they build their relationships while have fun! For the past 12 years, we have provided opportunities to children with all abilities as well as their friends and family as we bring awareness, acceptance with action for autism and those that learn differently to our community. We are so excited to keep expanding our methods and building pathways for all involved.




Take a moment to enjoy art and energy

Donna K. McGee

” It is my hope, that my paintings will evoke the viewer’s own memories and visions and she or he will apply their own titles and be able to say, “I’ve been here before.”

Reiki Rising

Reiki Rising provides oracle card readings, coaching, yoga, Ayurveda sessions (coming soon!), stand-alone energy healing sessions and session packages.

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